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Infection information, voluntarily and semi-anonymously provided, helps document and track the contagion.

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To help slow the spread of Covid-19 and minimize your and your loved ones' risk of contracting it please use this tool to provide or view infection related information for your community, stay in your home or on your own property as much as you can and when you do leave your residence or property for an environment where others are or might be, wear latex gloves and a face mask. Keep your home well-ventilated, take 1000 IU's of Vitamin D and 50 mg Zinc daily. You may also want to purchase some UVC disinfecting LED lamps or lights.Don't let covid-19 overwhelm our health care system and cause unnecessary deaths.

PLEASE NOTE: The web tool is not designed to diagnose or help you self-diagnose. We make no warranties as to the accuracy of any medical information herein and expressly disclaim any liability for any injury or damage that may result from your reliance upon the information presented herein and/or use of this web tool. Use of this tool is at your own risk and constitutes acceptance of our limitation of liability and your warranty that neither you or anyone acting on your or your estate's behalf or anyone else's or anyone else's estate's behalf, will initiate any legal action for any injury or damage that was in any way or manner attributed to your use of, or reliance upon, any information provided on, through, or via, this web tool.

Covid-19 Prevalence Information - from conducted tests only


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Covid-19 Prevalence Information - from conducted tests only

More than 1/2 billion people have now tested positive for covid-19 or a variant according to official government statistics | 6th wave of covid-19 now well underway in Canada. | Another day, another piece of pro-war propaganda from Canada's state broadcaster | Many people did everything they could and are doing everything they can to keep the pandemic from ravishing Saskatchewan. This includes not travelling outside Canada. Some are not travelling outside Saskatchewan. Why has Saskatchewan Justice not yet charged an international traveller who imported variants into Saskatchewan with Criminal Negligence causing death? And worse, why is the Canadian government permitting international travel? | Deer in Saskatchewan have also test positive for covid-19 and variant antibodies. | No province has lost more jobs from the pandemic than Saskatchewan. Way to go Slow Moe | Slow Moe still failing to spend money on uvc led sterilizers for Saskatchewan schools or provide any financial assistance to help us pursue and develop a uvc LED wearable. | The pandemic has been financially devastating to many small business owners and workers and their families. In contrast, it has been very profitable for Canada‚Äôs billionaires | | In March 2020 we provided Saskatchewan Procurement and the Minister of Health with information about this covid-19 pandemic curtailment tool and an analog (UV light) tool we had conceived of and were working on developing and could use capital to work on. Almost a year later and finally an information request from Saskatchewan Procurement. Innovation Saskatchewan. Meanwhile, young university and high school graduates are leaving Saskatchewan in droves and covid-19 has claimed the lives of at least 1270 Saskatchewanians and more than 6.20 million people worldwide | Chairman Moe - never missing an opportunity to stick his neck out for the oil and gas industry, and doing practically nothing for Saskatchewan's tech industry does one thing right by endeavouring to get the federal government to anti up money for Vido-Intervac, returns to his error prone ways by implementing vaccination passports and mandatory vaccinations in Saskatchewan and spending big money on vaccine passport qr codes and scanner that he could have spent helping a non-mRNA vaccine be developed in Saskatchewan. Why is he not getting the Federal government and Saskatchewan Health to make non-mRNA vaccinations widely available in Saskatchewan? | Why did the Saskatchewan government get Telus to create Saskatchewan? | Working in tech in Saskatchewan is knowing that unless you happen to be a politician's relative, the provincial government and city governments will never have your back but won't hesitate to stab you there | Working in internet based tech in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is knowing the American hedge fund owned "local media" and the state funded news network will never report your press releases but will instead report the weeks or months later issued press releases of out-of-province companies or the Saskatchewan Health board announcing they are now doing the same or almost the same thing in Saskatchewan as you are and issued your press releases for | Mask-wearing in indoor public spaces nolonger mandatory in Saskatchewan | Ordinary people were abstaining from travelling out of country and out of province because they don't want to be responsible for helping to spread the pandemic into Saskatchewan while many elite and connected types continued to travel and help the virus migrate to Saskatchewan. Now Trudeau has opened the borders meaning the virus and its variants can migrate into Canada and Saskatchewan even faster. At the same time, Trudeau and various provincial governments are using probably unconstitutional means to force Canadians to take mNRA vaccines. | Why has no western government passed a law forcing credit card companies to reduce the interest rates they are charging customers? Canada's big banks are making record profits while Canadian citizens are being forced to buy necessities with credit cards because of inadequate social support programs and the poor economy. The increased debt burden Canadians are facing is rendering them more susceptible to infection by taxing their immune systems. Remember when PM Turdeau was claiming we are all in this together? | Prime Minister Turdeau still doing really stupid things | Turdeau government fostering spread of covid-19 by failing to enact UBI or making it easier for working class people to receive financial assistance so they stay home when they might have covid-19, failing to make UVC virus killing LED's and N95 masks widely available to Canadian public, and increasing stress on working people and citizens by encouraging provincial adoption of vaccine passport systems. Turdeau also doing nothing to reduce credit company interest rate charges as the pandemic and his horrible policies are forcing more people to borrow through their credit cards to obtain necessities and allow themselves to keep making mortgage payments | Is the greed of Billionaire Bill Gates responsible for covid-19 and the covid-19 pandemic? Should this great entrepreneur and "humanitarian" be charged with crimes against humanity? | Google helped fund game of function research in Wuhan China | CBC fails to report on covid-19 disaster capitalism unparalleled transfer of wealth from US middle and working class to the US .01 percent | CBC News continues to spew fake news, bash China, advance the new cold war, fake genocide story. | Turdeau government joins with USA and other US lackeys UK and Australia to boycott the Olympics in China over the debunked (as real as Iraqi soldiers throwing babies from incubators prior to Gulf War 1) Uyghur genocide. The MIC is very happy. | Was there any possibility the Turd government would act with a measure of integrity? It hasn't done so yet. | More and more Canadians are now unable to pay their bills as they come due, banks reporting record profits | Trudeau refuses to enact UBI, many Canadians now under extreme financial distress. 4 million Canadians now without sufficient income to purchase necessities | McAfee sucks. Even though our websites do not track your activities with super-cookies -- we don't use because we respect your privacy -- and do not contain any malicious software and are not engaged in any sort of phishing activity -- this corrupt company lists them as unsafe. Many websites that do put tracking supercookies on your computer do not cause McAfee to issue any warnings to end users. Also, McAfee anti-virus is a real pain to remove from your computer if you want to replace it with a decent anti-virus program that doesn't cause your computer to bog down. Duckduckgo "McAfee removal" when you have time. "McAfee rip off" returns 119000 results in google, ranging from class action information to 2 out of 5 star average reviews on review ratings websites | Months ago the World Health Organization stated what this ticker noted some internet genius concluded weeks earlier -- SARS-CoV-2 may never go away, and instead may become "just another endemic virus in our communities" like HIV. Vaccines may not be effective against all the variants of the virus and virus mutations that have developed. Worse, virus mutations producing variants may occur faster than scientists can create effective vaccines for the variants. | USA #1 for infected citizens, India #2, Brazil #3 | Covid-19 deaths: USA #1, Brazil #2, India #3 - John Hopkins University | Worldwide Covid-19 and variants infections ~241.96 million, ~4.92 million fatalities | Covid-19 has claimed the lives of more than 871K people in the USA alone | The Spanish flu pandemic took about 50 million lives between 1918 and its culmination in 1920. The world's population at the time was less than 2 billion. It is now 7.79 billion | More Americans have now died from Covid19 and its variants than from the Spanish Flu | Sentiments in favour of, and organizations lobbying for, Prohibition, grew significantly because of the Spanish Flu. Some countries that "reopened" have since experiencing post-reopening covid-19 pandemic spikes, re-closed bars. | Canada has money to bail out big business and purchase vaccines from big pharma, can't ensure -- like countries like China and Vietnam that have been successful in fighting covid-19 -- that all citizens have face masks | Remember when the CBC, the Canadian government and its paramilitary agencies and Canada's state-funded feminist organizations were telling Canadian women their greatest danger was Canadian men? Even in the midst of a raging pandemic they still are. | Pentagon "defence" budget $740 billion, Center Disease Control budget $11 billion - Code Pink | Warmongering Biden administration boycotting Olympics in China on basis of debunked/fake genocide. Earlier this year a Conservative motion declaring the Chinese government guilty of this debunked genocided passed in the House of Commons. The NDP and Green Party both supported this motion -- for the financial benefit of the Military-Industrial Complex -- predicated on fake news. Today, the CBC spewed a bunch or anti-Russia and anti-China propaganda that can only benefit the MIC and make the rest of the world stressed about nuclear war. As it spews the propaganda it still hasn't reported on how Ukraine's government, according to, has been weaponized by the US and its allies and has been constantly violating the Minsk Accords. Will Canada under American lackey Turdeau do anything other than cheerlead Biden into war? | Community transmission makes it important for people to provide information through this web tool | USA 4.2 Trillion dollar bail-out program ratified by Senate benefits big banks and biggest corporations, will lead to greater concentration of wealth, essentially a swindle – Jimmy Dore | Covid-19 misandrist. Men account for more than 2/3 of Italian deaths, deaths of men more than 2 X deaths of women in Spain, men nearly 60% of Covid-19 fatalities in NYC | NYC and Chinese Researchers find Covid-19 attacks T-cells | To curb the spread of Covid-19 China disinfected entire cities daily, sometimes twice daily. | President Biden rejoins World Heath Organization. | CBC continues to fail to report on Venezuela's relative success in dealing with covid-19 | Though Trudeau government failed to enact UBI to deal with covid-19 pandemic economic collapse thereby spawning unnecessary administrative expense, unnecessary anguish and stress and numerous petitions it has done much better than the U.S. government at combating the economic harm occasioned by the pandemic. | Trudeau government still failing to prohibit the charging or collection of credit card and mortgage debt interest during pandemic, some Canadian banks generously offer to drop credit card interest rates to 11% -- why is interest of more than 9% even legal? | More than 250 million people stage general strike in India, demands include UBI | "I had a bird, I named it Enza, I opened a window and in flew Enza (influenza)" Children's skipping chant, Spanish Flu years | A virus gone viral is conflating virtual reality and reality | Covid-19 may have been in Italy and USA much earlier than previously thought - as far back as October 2019 for Italy | San Diego had 366 deaths in the Spanish Flu, Philadelphia had more than 15,000. Mask wearing was mandatory in San Diego. | Phunware Smart Phone Tracking Firm Identified Global Coronavirus Pandemic as Promising New Profit Opportunity - The Intercept | Many Canadians in default on rent payments, more and more Canadian businesses being distrained for outstanding rent | CBC radio news spreads fake news about Venezuelan election. Claims Juan Guido is the leader of the Venezuelan opposition. Does not report on Venezuela's relative success in dealing with covid-19 | CBC "News" fails to report on Grayzone story that Thomson-Reuters, the BBC and "Bellingcat" received millions of dollars from British intelligence to promote fake, pro-war news. | First covid-19 victim in USA was previously thought to have died on Feb. 29, 2020. Autopsies show covid-19 deaths took place on Feb. 17th and Feb. 6th. The deaths were not linked to travel meaning there was community transmission in the Bay area much earlier than previously thought -- San Francisco Chronicle | Canadian government wants to use invasive technology created in part by big US tech to help track covid-19 infection rather than much less invasive, less costly technology like this privacy rights respecting on-line tool | All sourced numbers are from tested individuals and confirmed by testing only, in many countries and communities not everyone who has Covid-19 is tested and identified - please provide your information through this web tool | Infection and death numbers seem to indicate which countries had good pandemic response and which countries have not | People involved with this tool and tracker have been trying to use the internet to support greater democratization and truthfulness in the world since 1994. | On May 7, the main stream media reports what we reported on weeks ago -- the covid-19 strain infecting North America is a different more lethal strain than the strain that infected people in Wuhan China (and came to North America's Eastern seaboard via Europe) | There have been multiple confirmed cases of covid-19 and at least one death in Belmarsh prison, the prison in which Julian Assange is unjustly detained. #FreeAssangeAlready |