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To help slow the spread of Covid-19 and minimize your and your loved one's exposure follow the advice of the   Center for Disease Control and federal government and the directives, plans and laws of your state and local government relating to the Covid-19 pandemic and its containment, stay in your residence or on your property as much as possible and activities and wear latex gloves and a face mask when you do leave your home and are in an environment in which others are likely to be, or have recently been or may soon be. To provide independent (of government and data-mining big tech) information and opinion use this tool.

Don't let covid-19 overwhelm our health care system and cause unnecessary deaths.

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Third wave of covid-19 echoing second wave of Spanish flu. More and more under 40's requiring hospitalization | USA surpasses 30 million confirmed infected. USA now has more than 2.42 X the number of confirmed infected of Brazil which has the second highest number of confirmed cases in the world | World Health Organization has warned what some internet genius had figured out weeks ago -- SARS-CoV-2 may never go away, and instead may become "just another endemic virus in our communities" like HIV/AIDS | UK still in lock-down | USA #1 for infected citizens, Brazil #2, India #3, France #4, Russia #5 | USA #1, Brazil #2, Mexico #3, India #4, UK #5 - John Hopkins University | Worldwide Covid-19 infections ~128.92 million, ~2.82 million fatalities. The H1N1 Pandemic in 2009, originating in Mexico or the USA, infected more than 500 million people and killed between 151700 and 575400 people world wide from April 9, 2009 to April 10, 2010 - CDC. Sars-Cov2 killed 30000 more people in roughly half the time. | At the present fatality rate, if covid-19 manages to infect 1 billion people more than 22 million people will perish from the pandemic. The Spanish flu pandemic took about 50 million lives between 1918 and its culmination in 1920. The world's population at the time was less than 2 billion. It is now 7.79 billion | 195000 Americans died from the Spanish Flu (second wave) in October 1918 alone | Sentiments in favour of, and organizations lobbying for, Prohibition, grew significantly because of the Spanish Flu. Some countries that "reopened" have since experiencing post-reopening covid-19 pandemic spikes, re-closed bars. Will sentiments in favour of stopping the consumption of alcohol in bars and nightclubs grow because of this pandemic? | South Africa has banned the sale of alcohol to combat the spread of covid-19 | For the sake of your community, your country and your family, wear a mask. In Japan where masks are mandatory there have been fewer than 9.1K deaths | Mongolia, Venezuela and Vietnam made mask wearing mandatory early, infection and death rates low. Venezuela has had far fewer confirmed infections and fatalities than Colombia and Peru | Brazil, Colombia and the USA did not make mask wearing mandatory early on | Nicaragua has more citizens than the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec combined. It has fewer than 7000 confirmed cases and less than 200 confirmed fatalities | McAfee sucks. Even though our websites do not track your activities with cookies -- we don't use because we respect your privacy -- and do not contain any malicious software and are not engaged in any sort of phishing activity -- it lists them as unsafe. Many websites that do put tracking cookies on your computer do not cause McAfee to issue any warnings to end users. Also, McAfee anti-virus is a real pain to remove from your computer if you want to replace it with a good anti-virus program. Duckduckgo "McAfee removal" when you have time. "McAfee rip off" returns 119000 results in google, ranging from class action information to 2 out of 5 star average reviews on review ratings websites | 454627 US confirmed cases health care personnel, 1509 health care worker covid-19 fatalities -- CDC. | New Jersey surpasses 24K confirmed fatalities | Illinois surpass 23.5K confirmed fatalities, Pennsylvania surpasses 25K confirmed fatalities | New York nears 50K fatalities | US Bankruptcies reach 10 year high - SMP | Covid-19 has claimed the lives of 2509 Correctional and Detention Facilities inmates and 145 staff across the USA. It has led to inmate protests | Pentagon "defense" budget $740 billion, Center Disease Control budget $11 billion - Code Pink | US military industrial complex owned msm, and military industrial complex tied US and British think tanks continuously feeding the new cold war and China bashing to help keep the US military industrial complex fed | Community transmission makes it important for people to provide information through this web tool | USA 4.2 Trillion dollar bail-out program ratified by Senate benefits big banks and biggest corporations, will lead to even greater concentration of wealth, essentially a swindle – Jimmy Dore | American Airlines blows through 5.8 billion dollar bailout. Needs more bailout money to keep from laying off workers and cutting routes | Autoweb receives $1.4 million loan from the CARES ACT Paycheck Protection Program. It paid its CEO a $1.7 million bonus in 2019 even though its stock price plunged by more than 70% - | Covid-19 misandrist. Men more likely to die from covi-19 than women across all age demographics | Vietnam has the highest ratio of tests to confirmed cases in the world, made wearing of masks in public places mandatory by early March, has fewer than 2600 confirmed infections, and fewer than 40 fatalities. Vietnam is the 15th most populated country on earth. | 2/3 of people testing positive for Covid-19 in China in April did not have fever, cough or other symptoms | "I had a bird, I named it Enza, I opened a window and in flew Enza (influenza)" Children's skipping chant, Spanish Flu years | A virus gone viral is conflating virtual reality and reality | Covid-19 may have been in Italy and USA much earlier than previously thought - as far back as October 2019 for Italy | San Diego had 366 deaths in the Spanish Flu, Philadelphia had more than 15,000. Mask wearing was mandatory in San Diego. | Coronavirus in New York came mainly from Europe | Multiple mutations of Covid-19 but three distinct strains identified, one of which may be less harmful than the other two strains -- phylogenetic network analysis by Cambridge University Researchers | Phunware Smart Phone Tracking Firm Identified Global Coronavirus Pandemic as Promising New Profit Opportunity - The Intercept | Phunware receives $2.9 million loan under Paycheck Protection Program. According to this "data-collection" company also works with Fox News and the Trump campaign | 30 Million Americans now unemployed. Many have defaulted on rent and mortgage payments | World Heath Organization warns that anti-body levels in some recovered Covid-19 patients in China so low recovery from Covid-19 may not mean immunity from future SARS-CoV-2 infection/re-infection | Curbing the spread might mean Sars-CoV-2 produces enough mutations to allow it to become a recurrent infection like influenza rather than terminating like the Plague and Spanish flu -- some internet genius | Preliminary study by Stanford University researchers estimates between 2.5% and 4.2% of Santa Clara County residents had SARS-CoV-2 antibodies by early April suggesting that rather than the 1000 confirmed infections being reported, the actual number of infected people was between 48,000 and 81,000, or 50 to 85 times more | Privacy activists claim big tech, military industrial complex, government, using pandemic to increase and deepen surveillance state | First covid-19 victim in USA was previously thought to have died on Feb. 29, 2020. Autopsies show covid-19 deaths took place on Feb. 17th and Feb. 6th. The deaths were not linked to travel meaning community transmission was taking place in the Bay area much earlier than previously thought -- San Francisco Chronicle | San Diego had 366 deaths in the Spanish Flu, Philadelphia had more than 15,000. Mask wearing was mandatory in San Diego. | Biden government promises war on covid-19, rejoins World Health Organization | All sourced numbers are from tested individuals confirmed by testing only, in many countries, states and communities, not everyone who has Covid-19 is tested and identified - please provide your information through this web tool | People involved with this tool and tracker have been trying to use the internet to support greater democratization and truthfulness in the world since 1994. | On May 7th the main stream media reported what we reported weeks before -- the covid-19 strain infecting North America is a different more lethal strain than the strain that infected people in Wuhan China (and came to North America's Eastern seaboard via Europe) | There have been multiple confirmed cases of covid-19 and at least one death in Belmarsh prison, the prison in which Julian Assange is unjustly and illegally detained. #FreeAssangeAlready |