Clinic Wait Times™

Medical Information™™

Minor emergency clinic services and operating hours. Crowd-sourced clinic wait times and patient satisfaction info.

Saskatoon: ClinicW8YXE.CA™
Regina General Hospital

Checkout Wait-Times™

Consumer Information

Western Canada grocery store wait times.
Crowd-sourced information.


Club Wait-Times™

Bar and Nightclub Information

Saskatoon Bar and Nightclub Line-up Wait times, ratings, cover charges and deals.
Crowd-sourced information.


Bank Teller
Wait Times™

Consumer Information™™

Saskatoon Bank Teller Wait Times
Crowd-sourced information.
Incl. bank branch hrs. of operation.™


Consumer Information™™

Spot a great deal. After youve taken advantage of it, let others know about it too. Crowd-sourced information can save us $$$.™

YXE Contests™

Consumer Information

Post your contests info.

And/or find local contests you want to enter.™

Stolen Vehicle Reports™

Consumer Information

Post information on your stolen vehicle.

SK region.

Stolen Vehicle Reports™
Dwarf Sour Cherries

Prairieberry Report™

U-Picks Information

AB., BC., MB., SK.

Are Blueberries, Cherries, Raspberries, Saskatoons or Strawberries ripe at local U-picks?

Prairieberry Report™

Prize contest.

Any Saskatchewan resident providing us with wait times info. and their email address could win a an award-winning Pentagonia Board Game.

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Covid-19 Reports, Saskatoon, Sask.

Covid-19 Reports - Saskatoon

Crowd-sourced covid-19 & flu infection information for Saskatoon communities. We implemented this months before Google tried to do it via Google Maps and we respect your privacy.™
Covid-19 Reports - BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

Covid-19 Reports - Western Canada

Localized to your communities, covid-19 & flu infection information. We thought about doing this months before Google tried doing so via Google Maps and we respect your privacy. Crowd-sourced.™
Covid-19 Pandemic Victims Remembered

Covid-19 Pandemic Memorial

Promoting World Peace™

Have you lost a loved one to covid-19? Do you know a hero who fell victim to the first pandemic of the third millennium?™

Road Buddies™™

Driver tips™

Technology to improve our driving experience.
People acting individually to collectively improve our world.
Coming soon

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Massage Therapy Clinic Reviews™

Medical Information™

In development! Massage Therapy Clinic Reviews. Crowd-sourced patient satisfaction info.


Rate Saskatoon Reporters and Media Outlets

Media Ratings and Reviews™

. Crowd-sourced citizen satisfaction info. holding the main stream media to account.™

Garage Wait Times™

Consumer Information


Coming Soon!
Crowd-sourced Information.

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